Here’s what ATS/American can offer for your DDI needs:

  • Not sure whether the DDI is a good interchange solution? ATS/American can quickly analyze how good of a fit the DDI can be and what would be best for the situation. ATS/American believes that all interchange improvements should at least investigate the DDI as a preliminary alternative due to the many advantages the design has with safety, operations, and cost. The DDI will not always be the right solution, but you may be surprised how often the DDI can work.
  • How do I minimize costs with a DDI? Each interchange location presents its own unique issues, so just cutting and pasting the DDI into a location may not be the most optimal DDI possible. Let ATS/American design the DDI to minimize the costs of the DDI without any adverse effects to traffic operations or safety.
  • How do I optimize the traffic flow through the DDI? Current micro-simulation tools cannot optimize the traffic flow within the DDI. Optimization must be done manually. Trust ATS/American for the best in optimization. With DDI experience going back to the year 2000, no one comes close to understanding the little details that can help make the DDI perform even better.
  • How do I design the DDI as safe as possible? Small details can often make a big difference when it comes to designing the safest DDI. Understanding the fundamentals of geometric design along with how drivers behave and the little quirks of the DDI design are major benefits for a safer design. Hire ATS/American to help optimize the safety performance of the DDI.
  • I just want to learn more about the DDI. Contact ATS/American to set up a presentation or seminar at your government agency, consulting firm, school, local professional society, or anywhere else. Presentations or seminars will be custom made to fit your needs and what you want to learn.

Who hires ATS/American?

  • Government Agencies – Government agencies hire ATS/American to solve their most difficult transportation issues with cost effective solutions. ATS/American has a unique, comprehensive way of addressing transportation issues that will help government agencies save a lot of money while still improving traffic and safety at the same time.
  • Consulting Firms – Using ATS/American can be a great way to enhance consultant teams on any proposal or can be a great way to add a fresh approach or a comfort level on an existing project.
  • Contractors – Contractors who want a competitive advantage to win design/build projects contact ATS/American to reduce the costs of projects to win the contract and then use his vast knowledge to build optimal projects.
  • Developers – Developers are always looking for the least expensive way to improve a transportation system to satisfy the needs for their developments. ATS/American can find impressive ways to keep costs down for developers.
  • Neighborhood Associations – HOAs and other neighborhood associations contact ATS/American to develop ways to improve the livability of their neighborhoods whether it be addressing safety issues, speeding concerns, pedestrian access, bicycle concerns. streetscapes, intersection improvements, or parking strategies.
  • Professors/Researchers – Researchers contact ATS/American for his expertise on innovative geometric designs and traffic flow which can be used for research projects or to help teach a class for their students.