This course covers everything you need to know about the DDI.  The course starts by giving a background of what the DDI is, the history of the DDI, and why it is getting so popular.  The course will then go into details on the operational analysis, starting from a planning level analysis and developing into a simulation analysis.  Participants will learn how geometric features of the DDI play such an important role in the operations of the design. Geometric design will then be taught in great detail to assist participants in understanding how to design a DDI that will minimize the quantity and severity of crashes.  Participants will then learn the effects of a DDI on adjacent intersections and driveways and what the design considerations that are needed.  There will be a complete section devoted to pedestrian and bicycle design in a DDI.  Constructability options will be examined.

Target Audience: All transportation professionals. The course will start with the basics and progress into advanced topics that all should understand.