About Gilbert Chlewicki

Gilbert Chlewicki, Division Director at ATS/American is the “father of the DDI” and is considered the national expert on the DDI. As you will read in the history section, Chlewicki came up with the idea of the DDI back in 2000 and wrote a term paper on the idea. The name “diverging diamond interchange” was his creation. Six months after developing the design, he was on vacation in France when he surprisingly went through a “diverging diamond” on his tour bus to Versailles. Chlewicki came back home determined more than ever that this was a great concept worth studying and reporting. He then wrote and presented the ground-breaking paper on the DDI at a Transportation Research Board (TRB) sponsored conference in 2003.

Reconsidering Left Side Ramps on Freeways

Note: This article is not specifically about the diverging diamond interchange, but raises another topic related to innovative geometric interchanges. There are some topics in the transportation world that are just not dared to be brought up. For the past several decades, even the mere mention of considering left exits or entrances on highways, would […]

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